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Genealogy Discovery

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Genealogy Discovery

The Mississippi County Museum preserves the history of Mississippi County with donated artifacts, photos, etc. Since it is a place to enjoy, but also a place to learn, and since many come to the area doing genealogical research, there is much in the way of research materials. There are over 600 Mississippi Co. records from the late 1800's to the early 1940's. While organized by type, they are not yet indexed, but they are available to the public. There are cemetery records, funeral home records from several funeral homes, monument records and state death records. Families have donated their family genealogical records. There are Mississippi County history books, including the History of Mississippi County by Mabel Edrington, some census records. Delta Reviews written about the history and genealogy of the area, and many other books that tell about the area and its people. A person can find records of businesses, subjects (i.e. -music), personalities, and photos. Available also is Ancestry ProQuest, an online program that is used by MCHGS. To find marriage records and land records, a person can cross the street to the county courthouse and do research there, as well. 

The volunteers that work at the museum are willing to help all individuals with their research. Work is going forward to expand the research area, which will include an area where events can also be held.



Located in the former Fred G. Patterson Mercantile Store, on the Courthouse Square in historic downtown Osceola, the Mississippi County Museum, operated by the Mississippi County Historical & Genealogical Society, is a true local history museum. The hands on museum is packed with a variety of art, objects, documents, furniture, and advertisements telling the story of the community and its residents.

The museum includes a gift shop & research center.

Great River Road

The Mississippi County Museum is one of more than 70 museums and historic sites showcasing fascinating stories of the Mississippi River. More information about interpretive centers on the Great River Road website.

Mississippi County Museum

209 W Hale Ave, Osceola AR 72370


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